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General Tso’s Tofu

General Tso's Tofu 1

I love Chinese take out, but sometimes it’s hard to find a great place (especially since we moved from NYC to Atlanta), and after eating all that MSG I get a massive headache.  However, I can never seem to get my favorite recipes replicated just right….until now.  After seeing a recipe for some General Tso’s Chicken, I thought, ‘Why can’t I make this with tofu?’ The meat is really just he vehicle for the sauce, right?

General Tso's Tofu 3

I knew that I wanted to get nice crispy tofu though, and wanted to mix it up instead of baking or dry frying the tofu like how I usually make it. I looked up some different ways to fry tofu, because I’ve never actually straight up fried it before. Turns out it’s easy. I usually have an aversion to frying, and since I don’t have any special frying appliance it seems intimidating.  In this case, it’s not. I used a method called ‘shallow’ frying, which means the whole object isn’t submerged in oil; basically just the bottom and you turn flip it around on each side to get the crispiness you are looking for.  It was easy and it worked great. This tofu was SO good, even without the sauce.   Making the sauce I was kind of skeptical because of the ingredients (um, ketchup?), but I thought it would turn out fine because usually these sauces seem a little funky in the beginning, and then they turn out fabulous.  The Hoisin Sauce is clutch here! It didn’t just turn out great though, it was amazing! This is by far the best replica of any Chinese food I have made. You could definitely use this sauce on chicken, veggies, plain rice…whatever! It is sooo tasty! You could also modify the spice amount by either increasing or reducing the red pepper flakes.  Personally, I like it hot so I will add more next time. The recipe listed is pretty mild spice wise.

General Tso's Tofu 2

I love putting this General Tso’s Tofu over rice, but it would also be great with added veggies or even quinoa in place of the rice!  This recipe turns out to be really cheap too. I bet you have most if not all of the sauce ingredients in your pantry, and tofu is like $2 a box!  Next time, I am doubling this and using 2 blocks of tofu! So delicious!

General Tso's Tofu
For the Tofu
  1. 1 brick extra firm tofu
  2. 3-4 TBS cornstarch
  3. 1-2 TBS canola or vegetable oil
For the sauce
  1. 1/2 cup brown sugar
  2. 3 TBS hoisin sauce
  3. 3 TBS rice vinegar
  4. 3 TBS ketchup
  5. 2 TBS soy sauce
  6. 1/2 cup water
  7. 2 shakes red pepper flakes (optional, 2 shakes turns out pretty mild..add more for more spice or you can leave out for less)
  8. 1 TBS sesame oil
  9. 4 green onions, chopped
  10. 3 TBS fresh ginger, finely chopped
  1. 1. Drain tofu of excess water pressing between the counter and heavy object. **I use 2 clean kitchen towels, one folded up the size of the tofu brick on the bottom (place under tofu), and then one on top. Then I place my cast iron pan on top of the top towel, and sometimes place something else in the pan to hold it down. You do not want the tofu to collapse, if it's breaking take some weight off. Let sit 20 minutes. to drain**
  2. 2. While waiting for tofu, mix together the first 7 ingredients and set aside.
  3. 3. Heat a skillet on medium with about a 1/2 inch of vegetable oil inside. While heating, slice tofu into 1/2" slices, then cut each slice into thirds. Coat each cube lightly with cornstarch and then place into pan until browned and crispy. You may have to turn up the heat under the pan a bit. Remove from frying pan and set aside on paper towels.
  4. 4. Wipe pan clean with paper towel and add sesame oil, onions, and chopped ginger. Cook about 1 minute, until fragrant. Add sauce mixture to pan, bring to a boil, and simmer about 2 minutes. Add tofu back to mixture, toss to coat. Top with green onions if desired.
Domestic Superhero http://domesticsuperhero.com/
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General Tso's Tofu 1

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  1. I love this recipe. Thank you and have a Wonderful Day

  2. That looks really good, and I don’t even like tofu! Always looking for meatless meals. I’ll tell you how it turns out :)

  3. I love tofu, but sometimes it gets boring with just soy sauce. Pinning this. Would love for you to come and linkup tomorrow for the Let’s Get Real Blog Hop at 5PM EST. mypinterventures.com

    • I totally agree that you need creative recipes to make tofu work and not get bored with it! This one totally revived my love for tofu! Thanks for the invite, I will check it out :-)

  4. Hey, everybody! I ended up making this exactly as written and it turned out PERFECTLY! Husband ate 3 helpings, even my picky toddler boy loved it. Will be making again.

  5. Looks great ! Pinning ! Great for meatless monday! Julia

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe. I made this tonight for dinner and served it with rice noodles and a few drops of saracha on top. It wil surely become a staple!

    • You are most welcome, Karen! We love it over here too, and it is a staple too! The sauce is delicious over other things as well, and we often add veggies in with out tofu and rice now! yum!

  7. Where in Atlanta? There is an amazing place in Alpharetta called Lin’s that does AMAZING things with Tofu!

  8. This recipe is amazing! Followed the recipe exactly and served over wild rice. I’ll definitely be making this one again. Thank you.

    • Alicia, I am so happy you tried it out and liked it! It has definitely become a staple in our house, we totally love it, too! Thanks for coming by to let me know!

  9. You are MY hero, that’s for sure! I must try this very soon.

    Could I interest you in sharing your recipe and photo in return for a link back to your blog? Please email me if so. Thank you.

    • Hi Chessie- my photos and recipes are both copyright. If you want to mention the recipe that is fine, but you cannot post the recipe and photo. You can mention it and then post a link back to my blog for the complete recipe.

  10. Maryann says:

    This looks amazing! I was wondering about the corn starch – would you also dredge chicken in it as well? Does the corn starch make for the bubbly crispy coating? Thank you SO much for sharing the recipe!!

    • Allyson says:

      It does! It should have the same effect on chicken and i’ve read that is actually makes the crispiest, most delicious chicken because it seals in all the juices! Just try to get an even coating (no big clumps) and fry that baby up! The sauce is the serious star here, so no matter how it turns out, as long as you cook up the sauce, you can’t go wrong! It’s also great served over veggies and rice!

  11. Thanks for the amazing recipe! If there’s tofu, ginger and soy sauce in there I’m sold. Will most definitely be trying it out :D.

  12. heather goforth says:

    Just made it today! OMG, easily one of my favorite dishes now!

  13. Great recipe! Thanks! To be sure though, as I’m simmering the sauce, do I need 4 onions or 4 TBSP of chopped onions?

  14. I thought Tofu was disgusting before eating this dish. If it wasn’t fried I would eat this everyday… OMG amazing and it tastes just like it’s from the Chinese restaurant. I used to love General Tso Chicken before I became a vegetarian. I was actually sad when my plate was finished. Thank you!

  15. I just made this for dinner and it was delicious! I did find it a bit sweet, so next time I think I’ll reduce the sugar and increase the spice a bit. Thank you for the great recipe!

    • I am so happy y’all liked it! It’s definitely a staple over here! I have lots of yummy tofu recipes coming up in the next few weeks so check back for those!

  16. Thanks for the recipe. The tofu turned out great. It was crunchy on the outside with a gooey center. The sauce had great flavor as well. We will be making this again.
    Kristin @ Holy Cannoli Recipes

  17. Julia Moser says:


    • I am so happy you LOVED it!! We love it over here too! Stay tuned because I have several more tofu recipes coming soon!

  18. I pinned this awhile back to try. I finally prepared it last night and WOW! Even my confirmed-carnivore fiancé went back for seconds! Loved, loved, LOVED it! The sauce is fantastic. The trick really was to get the tofu well dried and use hot oil to get it crisped up. He said, “You outdid yourself on this one, girl,” so I’m passing that compliment on to you, too! Thanks for the recipe!

    • Wow!! I am so happy y’all loved it! I am telling you, people always say they don’t like tofu, but I swear it’s because they don’t know how to cook it! This recipe is SO good, I think any non tofu-liker like it, it’s so awesome! Have you tried my other Tofu recipes? The Bang Bang Tofu (http://domesticsuperhero.com/2015/01/19/copycat-bang-bang-tofu/)
      I just posted on Monday is equally delicious (and I have a lot of other asian inspired tofu recipes coming soon, so check back or sign up for emails!). Thanks so much for stopping by to tell me how it turned out!

      • Thanks! I’ll be checking those other recipes out! I’m really excited to find some good recipes for tofu. My fiancé’s been very open minded about trying it, but he’s a big eater. Thankfully, he likes veggies, as well, so we always feature a lot of those, too. In addition to the health benefits, tofu is also cost effective for the grocery bill. So we’ve been working in a (filling) vegetarian meal once a week. I think it’s been good for our digestion – and our wallets!

  19. Hubby says this was better than take out! Thanks!

  20. i’m in atlanta, too, and canton cooks II (just outside the perimeter) is literally the best i’ve ever had. may or may not compare with nyc, but it’s worth a shot nonetheless.


    • Hmmm, your first letter is on lowercase, are you sure it’s forcing caps?! Anyway, I see the recipe, at the bottom of the page under everything. Can you see it? If not, send me your email and I can email it to you!

      • Thanks. I think I toggled the all caps while trying to figure things out but even now my comment appears to be in all caps. anyways, i see the recipe now. it must have been a temporary glitch because the others are back now, too. thanks for the quickie reply!


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