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Refinished Farmhouse Hutch with Tutorial

This post has been a long time in the making, and I am really happy I can finally blog about it.  Since we moved in April, I knew that I wanted to find a great hutch for our kitchen because we have the perfect space for it.  I had been keeping my eye out for months, and then finally I found one I really liked on craigslist.  It was listed for $75, which I thought was a great deal.  After some emailing, going to see the hutch, and having the nice gentleman deliver it, I finally had the hutch in my garage!!!  This is what it looked like:

I didn’t take any pictures with it stacked how it is supposed to be, because I wanted to get to work on it right away.  I started off by cleaning this whole thing very thoroughly.  It had a nasty odor (I think from cats…) on the inside of the cabinet, and I was determined to get it out.  I used Kiltz primer on the inside of the cabinets to cover it up, and it worked.  I didn’t really like the the spindles on the top cabinet doors, so I removed those.  It was extremely difficult because all the screws on the hinges were totally stripped.  Luckily, my husband and I were able to put some elbow grease into it and get them removed (both by unscrewing and literally ripping it apart).  After this I took off all the hardware and went back and filled in the holes with wood filler.  Then I was ready to start sanding!

Now, when I did this whole sanding process I wasn’t yet sure what type of paint or finish I was going to do on the hutch.  I later decided to go ahead and try Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint for the first time, which actually makes it so you don’t have to sand the surface.  This would have been a nice step to skip (and mess to skip, that’s for sure), but the piece had a lot of scratches in it anyway, so it was probably best to go ahead and sand it anyway.  It definitely helped the paint go on a lot smoother.  After I did the bottom portion, I did my best to do the top of the hutch, but it was hard with all the detailed work on that section.  I didn’t stress about it too much and figured I could fix whatever I needed to as I progressed.

Finding Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint was pretty easy, because there is a retailer right by my house, but it isn’t carried that many places and is often only found in specialty shops.  You can order it online though.  I have read so much about the paint that I was expecting miracles, and I think maybe I had my expectations set too high.  Everything says you only need 1 coat (I needed 2 everywhere, and a 3rd in some places), that the whole quart (not gallon, quart) will last you several furniture projects (I ended up needing 2 quarts, at $40 a piece it was not cheap), and that it is just the easiest paint to paint with.  While I didn’t have to worry too much about how I was painting, I wouldn’t really say it was easy.  I ended up needing a 2nd quart of the paint, which was a bummer, but I have about half the 2nd can left for other projects now.

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Old White (most popular color)

Anyway, this is how it looked after the paint:

After I finished with the Chalk Paint I was feeling a little disappointed about how it looked.  I knew it wasn’t done yet, because there were 2 more vital steps left….distressing and waxing, both pretty much required when using AS Chalk Paint.  I ended up taking a break for a little while because I was tired of dealing with this whole project.  About a week later, I felt super determined to finish this thing.  I knew I still had a ways to go, but I knew I could do it and dedicate my weekend to it.

I started with the distressing on the bottom cabinet portion…..

It is a little difficult to see in the pictures, but after I started this I was feeling a lot happier about the overall look, and really felt compelled to continue.

I finished the whole bottom, and then knew I had a couple things to do before I started the top hutch.   I wanted to put shelves in the cabinet where the spindle doors had been.  It would have been a very large/tall space to fill without cabinets.  I set out to Home Depot to figure out how I could do this.  Luckily one of the guys there knew exactly what I was talking about and walked me through doing it.  He cut 2 small squares (which I had measured for before I went) of lightweight wood, and then showed me a trick to get them to stay up easier-small pieces of molding glued to the sides….just set the shelf on top!  So I bought some great wood glue, the wood, the molding, and I was on my way!  Once I got home I painted the molding with the chalk paint (even though it was white, I wanted it to match exactly), and sanded and painted the wood squares as well.  I waited for them to dry and then glued the molding inside the cabinets (see sides!):

I put the shelves inside and then continued distressing the top.  This is where I got a little laxed with the picture taking, because I was so determined to finish it……The last step was waxing it.  I ended up using the natural Minwax soft wax.  Annie Sloan recommends that you use her wax, but it’s so expensive I decided I would try something else.  I read lots of tutorials and it seemed like it was okay to try other waxes on the chalk paint.  The Minwax didn’t come in a clear finish (at least that I could find), so I had to use a ‘natural’ finish, which was a little brown/yellow.  It slightly changed the color/finish of the paint, but I ended up liking it in the end.  After I applied the wax, I waited the 20 minutes for it to dry and then buffed it.  It really left a nice even sheen on the hutch, and made it super smooth to the touch.  The wax really brought out the color of the wood where it was distressed, which I really liked.  I think from now on I will use wax on most of my furniture projects!

I still had to find hardware and style it, but I couldn’t wait any longer and my husband wanted it out of the garage (because it was a disaster area).  So we brought it inside! And this is where I got way too picture happy….

When I finished it a couple weeks ago, I decided to wait to post it because I wanted to find some things to decorate it with, and also some nice hardware.  I got pretty lucky and ended up finding all the hardware at Hobby Lobby, while they were having a ‘50% off knobs sale’!!! Score!!! I ended up getting the 4 top knobs for $1.50 each, and the bottom 3 knobs for $2 each, for a grand total of  $10.50!!!!  This is a huge steal considering I spent over $30 on the hardware I used for my dresser refinishing, and it was just simple hardware from Home Depot.  I was seriously stoked.

Then over the course of those few weeks I found some different decor to style it with….

 I picked up some fall decor at the dollar store (see little pumpkins!!! Ceramic and only $1-totally cute!).  I found the few baskets and bowls at Home Goods, and the big wicker vase at Kohls.  I made the twine vase in the center for under $2, and picked up a few fall type flowers from the dollar store as well.  I ended up using a few old pictures/frames, and this ‘A’ I had found at Goodwill for like .50 a few months ago (and still hadn’t used it).

One of my favorite parts is the large vase I found at Home Goods for only $7.99, and then I finally found a use for all the corks I have been saving for the last 3 years!!!!!  My husband has asked me countless times if it is really necessary to keep all the corks, and I demanded it was-ha!  It totally paid off!  Now all I have to do is toss them in there anytime we pop open a new bottle of wine!  I may just open a bottle to celebrate!

Anyway, it’s done!! Finally!!! Finally done!!!  I am sure I will add to it here and there, and obviously change out the fall decor for other seasonal decor as well.  I am really happy with how it turned out and it looks really great in the kitchen.  What do you think?


  1. Stefanie W says:

    I think it looks great! Love the distressed look.

  2. I can’t believe that’s the same hutch! Super clean job.

  3. The hutch looks great!

  4. I think this looks really great. However, I really do think 3 coats of paint is way too much, especially at that price. This paint has a thick texture and I am finding that thinning it down with a little water to the thickness of cream will make the paint go on easier. 2 coats should be enough. Since you are distressing the piece, it is ok if the paint doesn’t cover the wood 100%. Sanding isn’t necessary as dings and scratches add to the distressed look. It takes confidence and practice to get the painting right. As for the wax, well, the wax that AS uses is excellent and won’t yellow, plus it helps to harden and seal the paint. You might see if you can find Fiddes or Hannatts in the States or similar, then you won’t get that yellow look as that is what happened to me on the piece I worked on many years ago. You could also try making your own chalk paint! Good luck with your painting!

    • Thank you for the tips! I did a lot of studying up on the paint before getting to work, so I was a little disappointed. I did water the paint down a lot, but it was still really thick. I also wanted an even coat without any of the old hutch showing through (unless it was a distressed section). Live and learn I guess! I ended up liking the more antiqued look with the natural wax, and it matches my kitchen a lot better….but I definitely didn’t think it at the time I was doing it. Do you make your own Chalk Paint?

  5. love it. looks like a piece of furniture out of a boutique or from an expensive furniture store. Congratulation. You have a good vision for things. I want one. looks amazing

  6. Alexandra Milosch says:

    This turned out beautiful! Awesome job:). It doesn’t even look like the same piece of furniture. Great article!

  7. OMGosh! This came out GREAT!! I love it-it’s beautiful. 😉

  8. PS: Did you ever think of having your own store and selling furniture for a living? Your stuff looks Very well done! Makes me want to up-cycle some of mine. Thanks so much for sharing and giving such informative steps on how to accomplish getting this beautiful piece of furniture!

  9. Looks great. You are very talented and brilliant. Thank for you ideas.

  10. Wow! Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I think it turned out great!!! I love the hardware and the distressing looks great. It is beautiful!

  12. I LOVE the way this turned out! Thanks for checking out my post :)

  13. great job with such a large piece! that was quite an undertaking and it looks fabulous!

  14. What a great job – it looks wonderful! I love how you’ve styled it too! I also find that the lighter Annie Sloan colours don’t give as good coverage as the dark ones. In the future, a primer can help the coverage of light paint on dark furniture (even though the instructions say it isn’t necessary!) But I think you’ve done a brilliant job!

    • That is a good tip! I will definitely try that next time I bet with a white primer I wouldn’t feel the need to get such great coverage with the paint, and it would be a lot cheaper! Thanks!

  15. Your hutch looks great!

  16. I really like on how you organize things!

  17. This looks SO GOOD!!! Nice work! I love it!

  18. This is just gorgeous!! What a beautiful you did!

  19. Wow! Beautiful! It looks amazing and I’m sure it looks really nice in your house ! I love how you decorated it!

    • Thank you! And thanks for stopping by, too! I think I will be switching out some of the decor here and there (I just finished a ‘Z’ block letter I want to put up!)…but we’ll see!

  20. Absolutely beautiful! And I am in love with how you decorated it, too.

  21. Nice job! It looks cute!

  22. I love love love! It came out so good!

  23. WOW that looks awesome. I love the effect! I might have to try it out myself on a headboard soon…. Love the corks too, what a great accidental Pottery Barn hack :)

  24. Love it! The paint looks really good, and all of your new found “shelf goodies” look great. Whew! I know you are glad that it is completed. Great job!

  25. I just found this post when I was searcing online for hutch makeovers. I am about to attempt my first one and I have heard so much about this AS chalk paint but I knew it was expensive. I am thinking of trying it though after reading this. My hutch has a faux wood top that the top portion will sit on so I am not sure how it will do on that part. I may need to sand that first. Thanks for the information and I am your newest follower.

    • April, thanks for the sweet compliments and stopping by! As for your hutch, you probably don’t need to sand the top if you are using ASCP. That is one great thing about it, it sticks to any surface (so she claims)! From all the research I did it really seems to be the case. The paint is expensive, but I have also learned that you can thin it out a bit with water. I wanted a very covered look, so I only did that a little bit, but you will see the paint is very thick. I really loved the effect though with the distressing and wax…I am sold! Good luck and let me know how it turns out!

  26. You are such an inspiration!!!! I would never have looked twice at the original piece but w/your remake it’s a focal point. GREAT job (once again 😉

  27. What a great redo on a piece that deserved it!!

  28. Just found your sight throug your “like” of Small House Under a Big Sky-THANK YOU!.What a great find for just $75.00. w-o-w! I love those spindles though..did you keep them? Oh well. The hutch looks great completed, you must be so proud. And you must have a big kitchen-lucky you.

    Great work!

    Small House / Big Sky Donna

    • Thanks for stopping by! I also loved your blog! The hutch was quite the undertaking, but I am really happy with how it turned out, so thank you for the sweet compliments! Our kitchen is a decent size, and we had this huge wall that had nothing on it, so it was perfect. You can see the empty house here, when we moved in back in April! I do still have the spindles, they are attached to little doors. I might up cycle them into some sort of decor, I am not sure yet! Right now I am focusing on the dresser turned console table that I am beginning tonight!

  29. Amazing job!! I know it was a lot of work but the finished product is something to be so proud of! You can sell that for top-dollar not that you would want to! Thanks for the tips about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I’ve been thinking of trying it, and you are right- most of what I’ve heard makes it sound super easy. I’m glad to hear your experience so I don’t go in with unrealistic expectations. I guess it probably depends on the condition of the piece. But, I was really hoping to only buy a quart too so we will see how it goes!

    • Thank you for the sweet comments! What are you going to paint? What color do you think you will try? I really want to try some of the other colors! Let me know how it goes!

  30. Your hutch looks amazing! My own hutch makeover took me ages to finish too, and yours looks even bigger! You did a beautiful job. And I just love how you styled it, gorgeous :)

  31. This looks great! I’m with you on how much Annie Sloan paint you have to use, it takes more than it leads you to believe. I do love the fact that you don’t have to sand or prime though. Great job on the hard work you put in it, looks like it was all worth it and that’s so funny about the corks, my husband is always asking me why I keep things too! Love the decor!!
    Lori McCourt

  32. You did that! OMG.. it is lovely… Would you do it again?!

    • I would do it again…for some serious cash, lol. I just finished a TV console that I will post this week, which was a lot easier. The hutch was HARD!

  33. Wow, this looks fantastic! Love the distressed look, and also love how you were able to make this a DIY project that would have ended up costing you thousands of dollars at a furniture store! Major kudos!

  34. Wow! That turned out fantastic! I love it! How long did that actually take?

    Stopping by from Chasing Joy!

  35. Love the way it came out… I might start saving my corks, love that!

  36. In a single word? LOVE – at – first – sight :-)

  37. Love the vase for collecting corks! I do the same :) Not sure what I plan to do once the thing gets full, but there’s always Pinterest for that, right? Unless you’ve done something before?

  38. I am working on refinishing my grandma’s hutch in a similar fashion. I wondered if you could elaborate more on distressing techniques or tips? Thanks! Love your finished product!

    • Sure, what would you like to know? Using ASCP makes distressing really easy…just buffing in places you want to distress with a piece of sandpaper takes the paint right off. What questions do you have?

  39. adore it!!! thanks so much for linking up at mercyINK!!!

  40. First of all, the hutch you found is quite stunning. Second, your transformation is amazing. It does take a bit of getting used to in using ASCP, but it is quite versatile and does the job beautifully without sanding. Yes, more than one coat is used quite often! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday, I will be featuring your post in the next party,

  41. Thanks for linking to Make the Scene Monday, you are being featured later this evening!

  42. This looks amazing. Funny I have a hutch that someone just gave me and this is the exact look i am going for to match my table that is wood and an antique white color and the rest of my kitchen and dining area. What a great transformation, you have a great eye!

    What was your technique for distressing the hutch?

    • Thank you for the sweet words!! You should definitely do it!! As far as technique, using Annie Sloan Chalk paint makes it extremely easy to distress. I just painted, sanded to distress, and then used minwax on top of the paint! Let me know if you have any other questions and be sure to let me know how it turns out!

  43. Wow, what an amazing transformation, that hutch is just gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing at The Fun In Functional!

  44. I’m so glad you kept at it… because it turned out PERFECT!!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!

  45. Turned out great!

  46. Beautiful!

  47. Great job! Thanks for linking up to my Pin Me Party!

  48. omg! Thx so much for your link, it is simply gorgeous! Can’t wait to read more of your adventures!

  49. What a gorgeous redo!!! I have been putting off updating an old hutch but the first thing I want to do is remove the spindle railing but am stumped as to how to remove it. How did you remove yours? Mine are glued in and the only thing I can think of is to take a sledge hammer to them!!! Thank you.

    • Mine were actually on little doors, so i just removed the doors. Yeah, I am not sure if they are in place, I think the sledge hammer may be your only option…..Thanks for stopping by!

  50. justagirlabby says:

    How beautiful! That was a big piece to tackle, and it turned out so great! Thanks so much for linking up at Get Your DIY On! I hope to see you back on Sunday at 7pm EST with your holiday signs! Have a wonderful weekend, Miss Allyson!

    ~Abby =)

  51. I love this. I even liked it when it wasn’t distressed. My little one has a solid Pine cherry finish Sleigh headboard that was part of her crib with matching dressers. They are great solid pieces but my cats loved them as much as I do plus I’m getting tired of the cherry color. I may try this…but use the Deco Art brand which is MUCH cheaper.

    • Thanks so much, Elise! I had such a vision for this piece and I was so happy the way it turned out. Is the Deco Art chalk paint? I haven’t heard of that. Let me know how it turns out! I Would love if you submit finished pictures to my facebook page!

  52. Grama Debbie says:

    I absolutely love the whole project!! What a steal on the farmhouse hutch! Not often does one find the exact piece and the right size to fit the area its wanted for. I have not used AS but my niece uses it for most all of her projects. I do know its expensive so am going to try a recipe I found to make my own. Hoping to do an older 1955 sewing machine cabinent. You seemed to get along fine with the distressing and using tbe minwax, so thats a plus for me. Thank you for sharing your project. God bless you with many more wonderful finds to bring into your home. Debbie .

  53. If ever you want to sell it please contact me rad_amy@

  54. Can you tell me how you went about distressing it? Rub the paint off with a damp rag? Sand paper ( what grit)? Would you have considered doing a dark wax distress, if not why? Just curious. I just finished my 1st piece (old Thomasville dresser turned buffet) and want to now do my dining table and a friend wants me to refinish a hutch. He wants it to look like yours! :-) Just wanted a few details on how you distressed yours. After just doing 1 piece I am now addicted and can’t wait to start my next! I am using American Paint Company paint which I really like!

    • Allyson says:

      I used a fine grit sandpaper – not sure what the grit number was, but it was fine and I just sanded until I thought it looked good :-) I didn’t want to use a dark wax because I didn’t want to darken the paint at all. Good luck with your friend’s piece – please go over to my facebook page and post pictures when you are done!

  55. Robyn Bazsika says:

    This is really inspiring! We move into a large home in a few weeks time and I have been busy scoping out 2nd hand shops for a possible hutch dresser. In the meantime, a friend has given me some old farm house cupboards which I may just have to get creative with.

    Thanks for posting.

    • That sounds really exciting! Make sure you check craigslist and your local FB groups, too! I find the best deals there! Let me know if you have any questions!

  56. Chris Augello says:

    The hutch you chose was a very interesting, beautiful piece before you did anything to it, although a bit in need of TLC. But now, it’s fantastic! You did a great job. You must feel a high every time you glance at it.


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