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  1. Hi! I miss you over at the .com! How’s it going at the .org?…lol how do you like hosting your own site? Any recommendations? Would you transfer before you had a good following or do you think it’s good to wait?


  2. Wondering if you would be interested in putting together one more of those tufted ottomans? :)

  3. Hey Lady. I would love to join your Link Party. Could you tell me what I need to do.

  4. Thelma Lyle says:

    The Zax sauce is a receipt that we use for our meat fondues here in Canada. Another one is mustard instead of the ketchup.. And yes it is great for dipping fries. Just thought I would share. love your site.

  5. While searching Pinterest for banana bread recipes, I came across your blog which I love. Here’s an idea. I’m a working mom, with two toddler boys and a hubby that have big appetites. We recently started t-ball which will involve practice sessions during the work week. My dilema, what in the world will I cook when we return home from practice that is easy, healthy and quick. Also, when my turn comes up for practice snack time, what can I give the kids that is snack friendly while being tasty and good for them.

  6. Hi..I live in GA too and I was just wondering what farmers market you were talking about? Is it Dekalb Farmers Market? Thanks!!

    • oh hey! In which post? I usually go to the Gwinnett Farmer’s Market or the Buford HWY Farmer’s Market! They are closer to where I live!

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