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‘Buttermilk’ Kefir Biscuits with Summer Berry Compote

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‘Buttermilk’ Kefir Biscuits with Summer Berry Compote

Until I moved to the south, I don’t think I really had a genuinely delicious biscuit that made me proclaim, ‘I love biscuits!’ But after being to a couple real southern restaurants, I learned what a real biscuit was supposed to taste like…fluffy, buttery, light and airy, and most of all delicious.  I have become obsessed with fresh biscuits, and I love making them at home.  If you have made biscuits at home, you probably know there are a ton of different ways to make them, and most yield different types of results…all delicious! We love using Lifeway Kefir at our house, so I wanted to try out making biscuits using Kefir, instead of buttermilk.  Kefir can be substituted in pretty much any recipe where it calls for buttermilk.  Lifeway Kefir contains 12 live and active probiotic cultures that support the immune system and balance digestive health. It is naturally gluten free, 99% lactose free, contains no artificial sweeteners and is rich in calcium.

‘Buttermilk’ Kefir Biscuits with Summer Berry Compote

Lifeway also only uses milk that comes from cows that are not treated with pesticides, antibiotics, or synthetic growth hormones – the cows are grass fed and GMO free. There are so many health benefits in using Lifeway Kefir, and like I said, it’s so easy to use it as a replacement in recipes!

For the first part of this recipe you need to mix the flour and kefir, and let it sit basically over night (at least 12 hours) in the fridge. I suggest doing it before you go to bed, and then you are ready to go in the morning. Once you get baking in the morning, it takes about 20 minutes to whip this entire breakfast up! So delicious and satisfying (see printable recipe at bottom of post).

Take the bowl from the fridge with the flour/kefir and dump it into a food processor.  Then add in 6 tablespoons of cut up cold butter. Pulse the food processor about 5 times, and once the mixture resembles a crumble-y texture, stop. You do not want to over mix this! Then, lay out the dough onto a lightly floured board, and press it together (the crumbles should come together easily), kneading it a bit.  Press the dough about an inch thick, and then use a biscuit cutter (or a small glass top like I do) to cut out the biscuit rounds.

‘Buttermilk’ Kefir Biscuits with Summer Berry Compote

Place the biscuits on parchment paper on a baking sheet and bake at 450 for about 12 minutes or until golden brown. You don’t want to overcook!

‘Buttermilk’ Kefir Biscuits with Summer Berry Compote

In the meantime you can make the summer berry compote.  In a small saucepan over low heat, add 2 TBS butter and 1/4 cup packed brown sugar. Let the butter melt and stir to dissolve the sugar.  Then add 3/4 cup chopped strawberries (tops removed), and 3/4 cup blueberries.  Stir gently and increase heat to medium-low.  Let simmer for about 6-8 minutes (while biscuits are cooking), stirring occasionally.  Once the biscuits are ready, remove from oven and break each biscuit in half, placing on a plate. Spoon some of the compote on top of the biscuits and serve!


‘Buttermilk’ Kefir Biscuits with Summer Berry Compote

'Buttermilk' Kefir Biscuits with Summer Berry Compote
Ingredients for the Biscuits
  1. 2 cups flour
  2. 3/4 cup Lifeway Plain Kefir
  3. 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  4. 1 tablespoon baking powder
  5. 1 teaspoon salt
  6. 6 tablespoons butter (very cold)
Ingredients for the Berry Compote
  1. 2 TBS butter
  2. 1/4 cup packed brown sugar
  3. 3/4 cup chopped strawberries
  4. 3/4 cup blueberries
Directions for Biscuits
  1. 1. 12 to 24 hours prior to making biscuits, mix the flour and kefir together. Cover and place in fridge.
  2. 2. Preheat the oven to 450°F.
  3. 3. Cut the butter into small chunks and then work it into the flour/kefir mixture along with the baking soda, baking powder, and salt. Do not over-mix. I used my food processor for this step, pulsing 5 times or so).
  4. 4. Turn the dough onto a lightly floured board. Gently pat the dough to 1 inch thick.
  5. 5. Use a round cutter to cut out the biscuits and place onto a baking sheet covered in parchment paper.
  6. 6. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes until golden brown.
Directions for berry compote (make while biscuits are baking)
  1. 1. In a small saucepan over low heat, add butter and brown sugar. Let the butter melt and stir to dissolve the sugar.
  2. 2. Add the strawberries and blueberries and stir gently-increase heat to medium-low. Let simmer for about 6-8 minutes (while biscuits are cooking), stirring occasionally.
  3. Once biscuits are done baking, remove from oven. Let cool a few minutes, then break each biscuit in half, and spoon compote over each side of the biscuit. Enjoy!
  1. You can use other berries such as blackberries or raspberries as well!
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What are some recipes that use buttermilk that you make regularly? You can easily substitute Lifeway Kefir for a healthier take on any recipe! I also love using it in buttermilk pancakes, and knowing my pancakes are even healthier with the Kefir replacement! You can sign up to receive Lifeway Kefir coupons here, too!

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