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Staying Organized Through the Holidays

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Staying Organized Through the Holidays with Bento #PMedia #holidaybento

Staying organized during the holidays seems like such a daunting task.  I have so many things piling up, including holiday decorating, sending out cards, keeping up with the blog, work, family, shopping and wrapping…it seems like there is never an end in site!  This year I feel it’s especially necessary to stay organized because we only have 3 weeks until Christmas!!! 3 weeks!!! 

Of course as I geared up to decorate the house, I headed over to Target because they always have whatever it is I need.  After loading my cart with tons of ornaments, holiday cards, wrapping paper, and other random very important things, I walked past these new Rubbermaid Bento Organizing Containers.  Target was displaying them on a main aisle, and it was a good thing because I would have been in too much of a rush to have seen them otherwise.  I immediately fell in love with these Bento’s because they aren’t like other storage containers…they have flex dividers which you can pop and move any which way and that allows for countless configurations, meaning you can fit whatever you need in these bad boys!

Staying Organized Through the Holidays with Bento #PMedia #holidaybento

This large size was perfect and I immediately knew I would use it to organize my ornaments, hooks, and various Christmas tree décor. 

Staying Organized Through the Holidays with Bento #PMedia #holidaybento

After loading everything into the Rubbermaid Bento, we got to decorating!  My son just turned 3 (yesterday!), and he was totally into decorating the tree this year! He liked it last year for about 3 minutes, but this year was a big improvement…not to say there weren’t any little breaks taken….

Staying Organized Through the Holidays with Bento #PMedia #holidaybento Staying Organized Through the Holidays with Bento #PMedia #holidaybento Staying Organized Through the Holidays with Bento #PMedia #holidaybento

Soon enough we were at the bottom of the Rubbermaid Bento Organizer, and we were finished with the tree!

Staying Organized Through the Holidays with Bento #PMedia #holidaybento

Now that he tree was finished, I moved on to my next tasks….wrapping gifts and writing cards.  I really love smaller Rubbermaid Bento Organizer for smaller items. I collected everything I would need while wrapping and writing out cards, and organized it into the Bento.

Staying Organized Through the Holidays with Bento #PMedia #holidaybento

It fit my scissors, tape, wrapping twine, ribbon, labels, pens, and cards perfectly. I also love the cute design on this Bento! They had other really cute patterns as well, but I decided to get the smaller and larger to match!

Staying Organized Through the Holidays with Bento #PMedia #holidaybento

Love this design!

Anyway, the smaller organizer really helped me keep everything together, instead of a million random places and eventually lost. It’s a total pain digging around my storage closet for the wrapping twine or extra roll of tape and with this storage container I had everything easily accessible.

Staying Organized Through the Holidays with Bento #PMedia #holidaybento

I got all my gifts wrapped and under the tree in no time with this easy system!

Staying Organized Through the Holidays with Bento #PMedia #holidaybento

Want to try out these awesome Rubbermaid Bento Organizers?  Grab this $1 off coupon and head over to Target to pick a design you love!

What have you been doing to keep you on track for the rapidly approaching holidays?

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  1. i really like your card “station” and will be copying that when my cards arrive. i’ve always got my supplies all over and it takes me forever to get things together

  2. I saw these in BJ’s and they looked so cool. I am tempted to pick them up!

  3. Those are very handy. I sure need to get me some.

  4. I am loving how you used these boxes. They’re pretty and functional!

  5. WOW! These are wonderful! I saw them at Target the other day, too! I’ll be picking up a bunch after the holidays!

  6. these bins are awesome for keeping organized– adding them to my shopping list!

  7. That is awesome, I am one of those who walks around with tons of tote bags and I can’t find anything. I will definitely have to try this… Thank you

  8. Wow, you have such a nice and neat area for cards! I could only wish that I could be this neat!

  9. Great idea to get a box for wrapping supplies. I think I am going to get myself a box. I have gifts to wrap and my items are all in a plastic bag from the store. Thanks for the tip…I pinned to my Christmas board

  10. These would really come in handy to store all of my decorations in!

  11. I definitely need those Rubbermaid Bento Organizers! It would definitely help me straighten up my office desk!

  12. These Bento Organizers are so great and I LOVE how you used them! It’s so great to be able to use them for so many things!

  13. These look like they would come in handy around my house! Your card area looks great.

  14. WE love our Rubbermaid Bento boxes, I use mine to store our craft supplies.

  15. the bento is cute, but your SON is the real start of the show. What a darling he is!


  16. Such a cool project, especially for an organization nerd like me!

  17. One of my biggest challenges is staying organized. When I can stay that way, I am more accomplished. These are great boxes and I can see them helping me out. Plus they look great!

  18. I definitely need those organizers!

  19. I love it! I am a sucker for boxes.. shoe boxes, gift boxes… any box that looks half-way sturdy and able to be decorated. Problem is, sometimes I feel like I am “collecting boxes.” What a helpful post to inspire me to use them!

  20. I love it I need to be more organized and this really gave me some ideas. Thank you for sharing, I also love your christmas tree it looks so beautiful!

  21. You are so organized, that means I can never allow you to come to my house (I would die of embarrassment) Thanks for the great tips. I love your gift wrap idea, too cute.

  22. My house is such a mess these days. I need organizational help on a professional level! These would probably be a good fit for my home office (which is where I need to start!)

  23. Oh I LOVE your tree, so beautiful! LOVE your ornaments too! I need to get more organized, you’d hate to see how I keep my ornaments!

  24. I love rubbermaid bento boxes. They are so amazing!

  25. I need a little wrap center bento box just like yours. How convenient to have it all together like that.

  26. We love these boxes so much and have a few of them around the house to help out.

  27. I love bento boxing! Nice ideas and I absolutely love your tree! It’s gorgeous!

  28. very nice, keeping things nicely organized, you can even use them to give gifts in too!

  29. I love the bento box it looks so cute.. I need to get some.. I always have everything all over the place. this will help me be organized like I should be…

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