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Guest Post: DIY Trendy Hair Accessories

Today we have a guest post from Ursula over at Kraft and Mint! Let’s have a look and see what she put together for us! 


{ DIY Trendy Hair Accessories} 

Hello friends at Domestic Superhero!

I am so excited to be a guest here and collaborate with Allyson. Thank you Allyson for hosting me!

Today I get to share with you a craft I just finished this week. But first, I’d like to briefly introduce myself and share a little bit about me :)

Hi there! I’m Ursula Rosien, I’m a wife, mom to 3 great kiddos and recent blogger at kraft&mint blog, a journal of modern crafts. I’ve always wanted to start a blog about crafting, a little bit about birthday parties and anything else creative that my crazy brain concocts.

My family

This picture best describes my fam! A husband with great sense of humor and 3 super active kiddos. (The third kid is right behind my husband. You can only see his hair sticking up! 😉

And now let’s get down to FUN business!

DIY Trendy Hair Accessories

DIY Trendy Hair Accessories!

I love visiting small boutiques in my neighborhood and support the community where I live. There is a cute little boutique next to my local Starbucks that I love to visit. My routine goes something like this: I grab a soy caramel macchiato, venture to “Carousel” shop and browse around for decor, items on sale and such. About a few weeks ago, I noticed the cutest and very simple hair ties sitting in a pretty bowl. And when I say simple, I mean rea-lly simple! These cute little accessories consisted of an elastic stretchy band with a knot tied at the end. That’s it! The inner crafter inside me said, “Hey! I can do this myself and have many colors for a fraction of the retail price. So during my next trip to Ben Franklin Crafts store, I asked the sale lady if they carried an elastic stretchy band to make hair ties. She knew exactly what I was talking about and pointed me to a slew of elastic thread supplies. I bought two colors: grey and mint and walked out of the craft store super excited to start my craft. Once I was at home, I looked around my own supplies and found few beads made of wood that inspired me to create my final hair ties craft. Please take a look below to see how I made them.


DIY Trendy Hair Accessories!

First, you will need 1) A few wood beads with big holes. 2) A glittery marker. 3) Two yards of elastic bands. You can find all of these at Ben Franklins.


DIY Trendy Hair Accessories!

Begin with your glittery marker and start drawing on your beads. I picked a big bead to work with first and get used to drawing on a round surface. I doodled a few designs on a piece of paper and then I drew a polka dots theme, a color block style and other styles you can view below.

DIY Trendy Hair Accessories!

DIY Trendy Hair Accessories!

Once you have your beads designed, you will grab the elastic band and cut 12 inches. Then you will put it through the bead carefully not to “scratch” the elastic band.

DIY Trendy Hair Accessories!

Once you have your your band through the bead, place the bead in the middle and tie a knot. Please see the picture below.

DIY Trendy Hair Accessories!

DIY Trendy Hair Accessories!

DIY Trendy Hair Accessories!

DIY Trendy Hair Accessories!

I also made a hair tie for my daughter. This time I used the mint green version of the elastic band and hand stamped my bead with mint ink. I really liked how it turned out!

DIY Trendy Hair Accessories!

My daughter wanted to try her new hair tie right away and even let me take a picture of it…(She is not too keen on being photographed 😉

DIY Trendy Hair Accessories!

Here is a photo of what it looks on me. I’ve been wearing my new hair ties ever since!

DIY Trendy Hair Accessories!

I hope you enjoyed reading this! As always, I enjoy hearing from you and your comments are such an encouragement!

DIY Trendy Hair Accessories!

Thank you Allyson for letting me share this craft with your readers!

And thank YOU for reading my post and getting to know a little bit about me. You can follow my blog kraft&mint, follow my boards on Pinterest, follow my Instagram or Facebook , Bloglovin or all :)

All the best, Ursula!


  1. Hi Allyson, thank you for hosting me 😉 It is such an honor!

  2. I love these!! So cute, and I love the fact that they are DIY!! Can’t wait to have a shop in Michael’s for these supplies, and to try them out :-) Pinning now, and thanks for sharing!

    Hannah ♫
    Sew Lah Tea Dough `


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