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Guest Post: Black Forest Cake Smoothie

Today we have our next guest post from Jackie! This smoothie looks delicious so keep reading to hear all about it!

Hello Domestic Superhero readers! My name is Jackie and I am guest posting today from my blog Foxy Whole Foodie. I started my blog in March of 2013 to document my love of whole food recipes – and along the way I also started getting fit for the first time in my life. Growing up, I was never athletic and I actively avoided physical activity (gym class was a particularly stressful event, that I would do anything to get away from). But as I’ve learned more and more about healthy living, I’ve grown to love exercise as a valuable part of that healthy lifestyle. So, like my tag line says, my blog documents my adventure finding a life fueled by whole foods and fitness. Along the way, I share lots of whole foods recipes, as well as stories about my life.

One of the first big steps I took towards a healthy lifestyle was drinking green smoothies. It was the first thing I ever blogged about and it’s definitely a daily habit that I can’t live without. I feel like it starts me off on the right foot for the day and helps me make healthy choices as the day goes on. Recently, I read an article on Greatist about drinking cherry juice can help reduce sore muscles and thought that incorporating cherry juice into a smoothie would be a great idea! :-)

In addition to my morning green smoothie, I sometimes use smoothies as a workout-recovery tool – so I thought up this recipe to incorporate protein for post-workout recovery as well as the cherry juice to reduce muscle soreness. And the combination of chocolate and cherry tastes just like a Black Forest Cake! :-) This is definitely a dessert you can feel good about indulging in.

Black Forest Cake Smoothie

”Black Forest Cake” Smoothie
Serves one.

  • 1 to 1 and ½ cups cherry juice (start with 1 cup and add additional if needed to get the smoothie to the right consistency)
  • 1 cup kale or spinach (optional – but I promise you can’t taste it!)
  • 1 frozen banana (or 1 fresh banana and ½ cup ice)
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder (or 1 scoop regular protein powder with 2 tablespoons cocoa powder, or omit the protein powder all together and just use the cocoa powder)

Black Forest Cake Smoothie

Blend all ingredients together to smoothie consistency and enjoy! This is a great dessert-style smoothie but I also had it for breakfast one morning when I was feeling indulgent – and it’s a healthy indulgence! :-)

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  1. This sounds yummy! I’m not a banana person, but I probably wouldn’t mind it in this!


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