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Something New!

We are in the process of doing an overhaul on Domestic Superhero!  I have been wanting to change the layout for a while, and wasn’t really happy when I made the switch a few months ago.  For that time, I made it work, but I was anxious to move on to other things.  I finally found a theme that I loved, except it needed a few tweaks.  My friend’s husband was able to help me out (thank you, Jessica and Tony!!!!), and now I am in love!  There are still a few kinks we are working out, but I hope you like the new site as much as I do!

What do you think of the new site??

We have some great new posts coming up soon, and also some BIG giveaways to celebrate!!!

Thank you for all of your support!!


  1. I have trouble seeing the light yellow headings, such as under What’s New and the Categories headings.

    • Thank you for the feedback Cookie! I am actually working on that right now, because it was hard for me to read too! Thank you!

  2. Hi Allyson, I really like it, it looks amazing, you guys did a great job. I love everything about it, I can’t wait to see your new projects. btw, my acc is working again, I had some issues but they are now resolved.

  3. Hi! I really love the new format,but like Cookie I’m having a hard time reading the yellow printing in the “What’s New”&”Catagories” sections. I know that your working on it so I’m sure it’ll be great. A suggestion-maybe a little darker background shade would let the yellow stand out. But
    I really love the new lay out. :)

  4. looks great allyson! let us know if you want to do anything else :)

  5. Wow it looks perfect! You can read every catagory clearly. I really
    like the way you set it up. 😉

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