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DIY Monogrammed Canvas

Last month, I posted a great tutorial on how to make your own custom canvas.  Quick, easy, and cheap, this project was a win in all ways.  You can use whatever fabric you want, which mans you could create a look for a nursery, living room, as a gift, for the holidays…there are endless options.  For my canvas, I wanted to monogram them with our family initials, A and Z.  I knew I wanted to hang them somewhere around the house.  This is what they started out as:

You can make your own, using this tutorial: DIY Custom Canvas

I found the letters I wanted, made them huge (full page) on Word, and then printed them out.  I cut out the stencil, and then traced around the outside, in pencil, onto the canvas.

After I traced the letters, I used painters tape to tape around the letters.  It was hard to tape inside the curved parts, so I just carefully painted when it came to those edges.  I used black craft paint, and a small paint brush…

Then I peeled off the tape, and let the letters dry.  The paint looked uneven in some places, because of the type of fabric pattern that is behind it.  So I did some touch-ups here and there, because I wanted the paint to look even.

Done!  You could take some sandpaper to the letters and make a weathered look if you are into distressing as well.  I think these would look totally cute over a crib in the nursery or in the entry way.  I made another canvas and then ended up hanging these on top of that…..I will be posting about that very soon!


  1. These look great! They seem so simple and could definitely serve all different kinds of purposes!

  2. Great job Allison!

  3. Love these! So cute and could be great wedding gift!

    Melanie @keepitsimpleandfun.blogspot.com

    • Thanks for stopping by, Melanie! I agree, I think they are so versatile they could be used for many different types of gifts!

  4. These turned out great! Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial on Transformed Tuesday. Hugs, Peggy~PJH Designs


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