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DIY Snow Globes

To keep in the spirit of the quickly approaching holiday season, I decided to make some DIY Snow Globes.  First spotted at Anthropologie (for a ridiculously overpriced amount), these snow globes have picked up major popularity across the DIY world.  It is no wonder why; they are cheap, easy, and made from the super popular Mason jar.  Most likely you have a couple of these jars at home already, so you can just use those.  I found these little notion pine trees at the Dollar Store, in packs of 2!  They were in the holiday section, next to the little ceramic … [Read more...]

A Christmas Mantle Collection

Over the weekend, we went as a family to find and cut down our first family Christmas tree (we had a fake one last year)!  It is so exciting, and although the tree is still in the garage (hopefully we can put it up tonight after my husband gets home from work), I am already thinking how we should decorate it.   Another task that has been heavy on my mind, is our mantle.  I am stoked that we have a real fireplace and mantle now, and I have been brainstorming how I should decorate it.  Of course, whenever such a decision needs to be made, I turn to pinterest.  I have a … [Read more...]

Skinny Black Cherry Cheesecake

As most of you probably know, last week Chobani sent me a huge package filled with different flavors of Greek yogurt!  Right away I made some Mango Frozen Greek Yogurt and announced a big Chobani giveaway!  If you haven't signed up already, check out this post to enter for your chance to win TWELVE Chobani Greek yogurts in the 6oz size!!  The giveaway ends on Tuesday at midnight EST so sign up while you still have time! So, I have all this Chobani Greek yogurt and I have been browsing different recipes.  I love, love, love The Realistic Nutritionist's … [Read more...]

Guest Blog: Homemade Apple Pie with a Homemade Crust

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I was really excited to get this recipe and from my friend, Sara!  If you are in need (or if you have one already, I bet this one is better!) of a delicious Apple Pie recipe, then look no further!!  Sara explains the basics of making a pie crust and the apple pie as well.  I told Sara that I have always been pretty reluctant to make pie, because it is somewhat intimidating!  She told me that, "no one should be intimidated by pie!"  After reading this great tutorial and recipe, I think I am up for the challenge!!  Lets get … [Read more...]

Mango Frozen Yogurt

Last week I received a HUGE package from Chobani!  I never knew such perishable items could be shipped so quickly, and in bulk...but I guess it can be done! What a delivery!  Chobani was kind enough to send me 6 huge containers of greek yogurt.  I am so excited to try them all: Mango, Peach, Chocolate Chunk  Blueberry, Pineapple, and Black Cherry- yum!  I have been searching various recipes and found several for inspiration. My husband loves mango anything, so when I saw a recipe for Mango Ice Cream, I figured I could try making it with Greek … [Read more...]

DIY Scrabble Ornaments

Last year was the first year we had a real family Christmas tree, and I really wanted to make some special ornaments for our tree.  I had seen a couple ideas here and there, but when I found the idea for scrabble ornaments I knew it was perfect.  My husband, Andres, really loves vocabulary and scrabble, so I thought he would like them more than anyone. These were super simple to make, too.  All you need is left over scrabble pieces (don't have any at home? Check for scrabble tiles on amazon here), hot glue, and some string/twine/yarn (your choice).  I went … [Read more...]