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Fresh Crab Cakes

I know I have posted a Crab Cake recipe before, but that was for low-carb crab cakes, and this is a little different.  Using fresh ingredients and minimal fillers, these Crab Cakes makes this recipe healthy, light, and easy.  Per serving these crab cakes clock in under 200 calories (no sauce), and with only 13 grams of carbohydrates they are technically low-carb as well.  These would be great for dinner, a snack, or to serve at a party.  I just love how they look!  You can serve them up with various sauces or dips, too! Recipe from My … [Read more...]

Refinished Farmhouse Hutch with Tutorial

This post has been a long time in the making, and I am really happy I can finally blog about it.  Since we moved in April, I knew that I wanted to find a great hutch for our kitchen because we have the perfect space for it.  I had been keeping my eye out for months, and then finally I found one I really liked on craigslist.  It was listed for $75, which I thought was a great deal.  After some emailing, going to see the hutch, and having the nice gentleman deliver it, I finally had the hutch in my garage!!!  This is what it looked like: I didn't take any pictures with it stacked how it is … [Read more...]

Arugula Lemon Pesto

Last week I was browsing at the grocery store when I noticed a big container of Spicy Wasabi Arugula on sale.  Regularly $6, I snatched it up for just under $2 and didn't look back.  But Wasabi Arugula....what could I use this for?  I recalled the spinach pesto I made for grilled cheeses not too long ago, and thought I could probably use this arugula and do a pesto with it.....pesto doesn't always have to be made with basil, right?  So I figure this pesto can be made with any type of arugula, or green leafy veggie.  I also wanted to cut down on the oil a … [Read more...]

Skinny Spicy Basil Chicken

This is another recipe that I cooked for work, so I am not sure how it turned out, but I do know it looked and smelled delicious.  I think I am going to try using the same sauce recipe in the near future on a veggie stir fry, or dry fried tofu.  I loved the colorful basil in here and this recipe is super healthy and low calorie.  It clocks in around 291 calories for just under a cup of chicken (3/4 cup), and only 7 points if you are counting on weight watchers.  I found this recipe on Eat Yourself Skinny, which is a fabulous recipe if you are watching what you eat. … [Read more...]

DIY Fall Twine Vase

Let me first say, I love fall.  I love when the leaves start changing colors, the humidity starts to break down, a light breeze comes into the air and the temperatures drop slightly.  I love thinking about fall bonfires, hoodie sweatshirts, and spiced apple cider.  Pumpkin patches, hay rides, and picking apples all come to mind when I think about fall.  College football, tailgating, wearing pants, long sleeves, and hats!  Fall decor is so beautiful, too; Orange, red, yellow leaves, pine cones, wood baskets, mini pumpkins and gourds....so many cute things!  I have been noticing lots of fall … [Read more...]

Buffalo Quinoa ‘Mac’ & Cheese

The last month or so we have been on a healthy food kick at our house.  We haven't really been indulging in the usual pasta, pizza, and cheese laden dishes.  I have been pretty good at making really healthy recipes for dinner, but when I saw a recipe for Buffalo Quinoa Mac and Cheese I almost had a heart attack.  How could I have never thought of this before??  I love quinoa.  I love buffalo anything.  I love cheese.  Hmmm.....DING DING DING, we found ourselves a winner!  The original recipe from Iowa Girl Eats called for chicken, so it can … [Read more...]