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Vertical Garden? Sure, why not?!

For the longest time I have wanted to start my own garden.  Growing up in Michigan, my dad had a small garden in the backyard.  He would grow horseradish, which took over a huge area, zucchini’s, onions, and tomatoes (and I might be forgetting some other things).  I remember having tomato ‘fights’ when my cousins would come to visit, and we would all wind up stained with tomato juice…..and my dad would be wondering where all his cherry tomatoes disappeared too…oops!   When I lived in California, I was able to help with the family garden which was awesome.  It was more of a vegetable garden, and yielded a huge amount of veggies.  I remember making batch after batch of delicious zucchini bread and there was still always more to spare.  Then I moved to NYC where it is impossible to have a garden, unless you have a penthouse apartment that includes a sprawling rooftop patio.  Clearly, I was not living the high life so I was not able to have a garden.  However, farmers markets are extremely popular in NYC in the summer/spring, so I was able to get lots of fresh seasonal produce that way.

So now we are in our own house in Georgia, and it seems like we need a garden.  I would love to have a huge garden, but our yard does not have the space for that.  We have a townhome, and while the yard is plenty big for our liking, it is not big enough for a sprawling garden.  However, it just hit me!  Instead of building horizontally on the ground, why not build UP, against the fence?!?!  Could this be done?  I didn’t know!  I consulted some friends and pinterest and found it is indeed possible.  I think I am a little late to the game for this year (it’s already in the 80’s here, and is just getting hotter by the day), but I do want to start doing a little.  I think I will put ‘Garden’ on my to do list for next winter.  I can hopefully build something and then be ready to plant by spring!

Here are some inspiring garden idea’s for small spaces:

DIY Garden Bed

This seems easy enough to build, and it wouldn’t take up much space. If you have a lot of space you could build a larger design or several.  Click here for instructions.

DIY Pallet Garden from Apartment Therapy

Recycling pallets are soooo popular right now!  DIY Pallet Garden.  Click here for instructions from Apartment Therapy.

DIY Standing Garden

This is another idea from apartment therapy.  I like the look of this, but having a toddler I would worry that somehow it could get knocked over (although it may be unrealistic, I am a mom and I worry!).  Click here for instructions.

Might be too hard for me….

This looks extremely difficult, but I still like it in terms of inspiration.  I guess you would have to contact the London Garden Designers for more information.

Hanging Garden!

I absolutely LOVE this idea!!  It would be perfect for herbs or smaller plants!!! I love the colors and it looks really easy with minimal supplies!! Score!!  They use these things called ‘Hang a Pot’, which can be found here!  They hold up to 100lbs, so you could even do larger pots!

Gutter Garden?!?!

This is sooo smart and simple!  I love this idea and think it may be the big winner for this year!!  I am definitely going to take some time to do this easy project in the next week or so.  See instructions on the awesome blog, Living Grace.

I will definitely update as we get things put up and planted!


  1. Great ideas! My garden is quite long but in 4 tiers, so have a small veggie plot a part for Nell my dog to go & LOTS of planters around

  2. Hi Allyson, thanks for stopping by Living on Grace and checking out out gutter garden! We have LOVED them this year. I did a quick update so you can see how things are growing here: http://www.thekriegers.org/post/21324664004/a-little-gutter-update
    To answer your other questions, I do think this would work great on a fence. And the gutters are pretty sturdy with the soil; we haven’t had any trouble.
    My only advice is that they’ll need a lot of water, the gutters dry out FAST. Sometimes I water them twice a day.
    Hope it goes well! Can’t see what you come up with.

    • Thank you for posting that!!! Your idea was brilliant! I am definitely going to take your advice about the extra watering! Do you think it would help to put one of those soil/bed/planter liner things in the bottom? Like maybe it would hold more water that way?? I am new to gardening, so I have no idea. Thanks for the update!!

      • If you mean a liner to stop drainage (so water would pool) then I’d say no. Most plants grow best with LOTS of drainage, and pooling water could cause mold, etc.
        I drilled a lot of holes into my gutter (you can see them in my first post) and I’d say you need at least half the number of holes I have, that might help. They don’t need a ton of water each time, just frequent waterings. (hope that makes sense!)

  3. Wow thanks for sharing all these great idea’s! I really love the wooden pallets one and may try to make one on our deck (of course only if I can find the pallets to use). The gutter one is definately a perfect idea that I would have never thought of (clever). Anyway
    thanks for inspiring me & good luck with your garden. ;D

  4. What great ideas! We are in Alpharetta in a townhome, and have a 4′ x 4′ raised bed garden – in our “flower” bed. It really allows us to have a lot of fun with different veggies. Thanks for the pictures, too. Good luck with all of your goodies.

  5. Thanks so much for including my elevated garden in this great roundup!

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