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With decorating the new house, I have been searching the internet trying to find inspiration.  One thing we already have that we like a lot, are maps.  For the last 5 or 6 years I have had 2 vintage type maps…one of San Francisco, one of New York City.  My husband and I both love traveling, and have been many places, so I think it’s a cute way to incorporate thoughts and images of our favorite places.  I would love to have maps of cities where we have lived….New York, San Francisco, Berkeley, Greenwich, Detroit, Atlanta…  I haven’t been able to find any good ones for Atlanta or Greenwich, CT, so if you see any, let me know!

I really want to do a gallery wall above the new refinished dresser, and there are so many options of what we can feature.  I am leaning more and more towards maps and places, over family pictures or something alike.  Here are some maps that I am digging right now…

♥ berkeley

This one is very similar to the SF map I have already, so maybe not…

How do you feel about map art?


  1. Love the visual appeal of these maps. Did you design them or find them somewhere? I do a stairwell wall of photos, handdrawn maps and other memorabilia of my travels. Would love to find maps like the ones in the photos of Manhattan, SF, Great Lakes, etc. Another idea for you for NYC is a map of the subway system….

  2. LOVE THESE! I just created a map for my town, because of a website I am having developed! It probably won’t look nearly as cool though!

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