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Crock Pot Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

I have been wanting to make homemade oatmeal for a while now.  More often then not, we find ourselves caught up in the moment, running out of time, and using those little instant oatmeal bags.  Sure, they taste good, but they aren't the healthiest.  My 16 month old son, Austin, looooooooves oatmeal.  He has about 4 things in his breakfast rotation and oatmeal is playing a starring role.  I have made an effort since started eating solids to make them myself from scratch.  We want to try to avoid so many processed foods in his diet because there are whole, healthy, and delicious foods at our … [Read more...]

Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya

My boss has me working hard lately, making something nearly everyday for their dinner.  On the menu for tonight is Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya.  Originally from Cooking Light, I have adapted the recipe in a few ways, mainly using more vegetables than specified.  I have made this several times now, and the first couple I didn't let it simmer long enough, and turned out more like a soup.  It would probably be fine like that, but when thinking of classic jambalaya one thinks of a thicker texture.  This recipe is generally pretty quick, and takes about 40 minutes … [Read more...]

Pecan Crusted Trout

This is another pretty basic recipe that I cooked the other day for my boss.   This recipe was from Cooking Light (I think), so it is pretty healthy.  I had the guy at the fish counter remove the skin, but you could also make it with the skin and only coating one side if desired.  This crust is also so tasty it could be used on chicken or other in season light fishes (tilapia, arctic char, flounder, bass even). I might even consider using the crust on some eggplant as a vegetarian option.  Also, depending on the type of fish you choose, this could be an inexpensive meal.  It would be great … [Read more...]

Spinach ‘Pesto’ Grilled Cheese

Anyone who knows me knows that I love me some cheese.  Grilled cheese, cubed cheese, blue cheese, herbed cheese, fried cheese, straight up cheese from the package..... I have never met a cheese that I didn't like, ever.   I often think about how I could spice up my grilled cheese aka the perfect sandwich.  Often I use pesto on my sandwiches, but since I didn't have any basil, I thought maybe I could make a spinach pesto.  Turns out I was right and pretty much hit the jackpot (which I will also hit on Tuesday and win over 300 million dollars...stay tuned) with this winning combination.  Not … [Read more...]

Broccoli & Cheese Braided Calzone

After I put Austin to bed I was feeling totally uninspired to cook dinner.  I have my weekly menu plan, but I don't designate the meals/days beforehand, so I usually decide the same day what I will be cooking that night.  Also, since Austin doesn't go to bed until around 8pm, and Andres doesn't get home from work until 8:30pm, I feel pretty drained by the time dinner rolls around.  I had some dough in the fridge from Trader Joes (can't beat their .99 cent pizza dough...well, unless you make your own), and I was planning to make some sort of pizza.  Then, GENIUS struck me!  Broccoli and Cheese … [Read more...]

Shortcut Lasagna

Lasagna is such a chore to make, and who has time for the real thing?  I am a big fan of making lasagna, but they do take a lot of time, even when you cheat like me and use the no-bake noodles (they are so awesome!).  Today's recipe is also a healthier take on lasagna, but still has the meat, noodles, and cheese that people love.  This is a quick dish to cook (20ish minutes) and prepare (less than 10 minutes!), which puts this in a 30 minute meal category! Ingredients 8 ounces uncooked egg noodles (about half the package) 1 and 1/4 cups fat-free ricotta cheese 1 and 1/2 cups (6 oz) … [Read more...]